Recent Location

Season 8

Episode 1

Carol & Twizzler Tara On The Bridge

Carl In Search Of Gas

Carl & Rick Run Into Stranger

Savior Deer Stand Lookout Point

Daryl Takes Out Neighborhood Lookout Savior

Morgan Impales Savior

Twizzler Tara, Carol, & Morgan Wait For Daryl

Survivors Crew On The Bridge

Trip-Wire Savior Trap

Survivors Split

Daryl’s 1st Explosion

Daryl’s 2nd Explosion

Daryl’s 3rd Explosion

Daryl’s 4th Explosion

Daryl’s 5th Explosion

Daryl’s 6th Explosion

Sanctuary Battle

Carol And Ezekiel Reunite

Savior’s Compound

Rick And Daryl At The Gate

Team Kingdom Gets A Grenade

Episode 2

Attack On The Savior Base

Episode 3

Aaron Leaves Eric Under The Tree

Saviors Single File Along The Highway

Attacked By Roly Poly Walkers

Attack On Savior’s Outpost 1

Attack On Savior’s Outpost 2

Walker Eric

Aaron Takes Gracie From Rick

Savior (Minkus) Tries To Kill Rick

Episode 4

Carol vs. The Saviors

The Chase

Rick Hits The Ditch

Travel Along A RR Track

Episode 5

Rick & Daryl Fight Then Split

Rick Walks Alone

Episode 6

Rick Grabs The Trash Letter

Daryl On His Bike Heading Back To ASZ

Michonne & Rosita Hear A Noise & Stop The Car

Rosita & Michonne Spot The Warehouse

Savior Zia Escapes In The Speakerbox Truck

Daryl Collides With Savior Zia

Daryl Shows Them The Sanctuary

Episode 7

Morgan’s Lookout

‘Savior Buffet’ Group Discussion

Michonne Backs Out Of Plan

Tara Lookout & Daryl Moves In With The Truck

Rick & The Scavengers Drive And Stop At The Gate

Rick And The Water Tower

Episode 8

Rick & Carl (1)

Rick & Carl (2)

Hilltop Crew Meet A Savior Roadblock

Daryl’s Ambush & Dwight’s Turn