Recent Location

Season 6

Episode 1

Alexandria Safe Zone

Walker Heard Quarry

Execute The Plan

The Red Balloon

Rick, Michonne, & Morgan Wait At The Turn For The Walker Herd

Ron Hides Under The Bridge

Daryl Leads The Walker Herd (1)

Glenn, Heath, & Nicholas Kills A Group Of Store Walkers

Daryl Leads The Walker Herd (2)

Daryl, Sasha, & Abe Lead The Horde

Walker Herd Breaks Away

Episode 2

Alexandria Safe Zone

Enid’s Flashback

Wolves Crash Truck into Alexandria’s Walls

Episode 3

Daryl On His Motorcycle With Walkie

Gang Walks After Horde Breaks Away

Glenn, Michonne, Nicolas, and Others Arrive in Town

R.I.P. Sturgess

Cooper’s Pet Coop

R.I.P Annie

Michonne & The Group Climb Over The Fence to Escape

Nicolas Finds an Old Friend

Glenn & Nicolas Reach a Crossroad

Rick Cuts His Hand

The Dumpster

Wolves Failed Sneak Attack

Daryl On His Motorcycle / Reunites With Sasha & Abe

Alexandria Safe Zone

Episode 4

Morgan’s Zen Training Spot

Eastman’s Cabin

Episode 5

Alexandria Safe Zone

Episode 6

Daryl, Abraham, & Sasha Turn Back Home

Daryl, Abe, & Sasha Attacked by Saviors

Abraham & The Falling Walker

A.A. Pattrick Fuel Company

Sunrise Auto Insurance Hideout

Driving Home In The Tanker

Episode 7

Enid Gives Water To Glenn From The Bakery

Alexandria Safe Zone

Episode 8

Alexandria Safe Zone

Episode 9

Daryl, Abraham, & Sasha Stopped by Savior Gang

Alexandria Safe Zone

Episode 10

Alexandria Safe Zone

Rick & Daryl Drive On A Food Run

Rick & Daryl Drive Through 4 Way Stop

Sorghum Barn

Rick & Daryl Run into Jesus

Rick & Daryl Run After Jesus

Rick & Daryl Spot Jesus and Their Truck

Rick & Daryl Drive With Jesus on The Roof

Episode 11

Alexandria Safe Zone

Rick & Group save Jesus’ People

The Hilltop Community

Episode 12

Alexandria Safe Zone

Searching for Gregory’s Walker Look Alike

Saviors Compound

Maggie & Carol are Captured

Episode 13

Filmed at the studio

Episode 14

Alexandria Safe Zone

Daryl, Rosita, & Denise Hit a Roadblock

Rosita Meets Back Up With Daryl & Denise / Path To Apothecary

Eugene & Abraham Walk to The Warehouse Shop

Eugene’s Bullet Shop

Edison Apothecary

Denise Finds a Soda/Pop

Denise’s Death

Episode 15

Alexandria Safe Zone

Tracking Daryl

Morgan & Rick Drive To Find Carol

Carol Takes Out Saviors/Rick & Morgan find Carol’s Trail

Rick & Morgan Search for Carol

Episode 16

Alexandria Safe Zone

Morgan Rides Horseback

The Library

RV Escape To Hilltop (1)

RV Escape To Hilltop (2)

Saviors Road Block 1

RV Parking Spot

RV Escape To Hilltop Before Roadblock 2

Saviors Road Block #2

RV Escape To Hilltop (3)

Saviors Road Block #4

Morgan Finds Carol’s Rosary Beads

Carol And The Savior

Saviors Hang Man Over Bridge

Hi, I’m Negan