Recent Location

Season 5

Episode 1

Terminus (End of Season Four / Beginning of Season Five)

Rick Paints Over Last Terminus Sign

Episode 2

Long Walk After Terminus

Father Gabriel’s Church

Gabriel, Rick, Michonne, Sasha, And Bob Enter Town

Daryl And Carol Find A Car

Gun Store

Food Bank


Episode 3

Father Gabriel’s Church


Episode 4

Beth’s Hospital

Episode 5

Bus Ride

Bus Passing Walkers

Bus Crash


Fire Station

Firetruck Breaks Down

Abe & Group Looks Over a Farm

Abraham Finds His Family

Abraham Meets Eugene

Episode 6

Pardon Our Dust

Carol Seeks Refuge

Carol Drives Back To The Prison

Carol Stops To Look At The Prison

Daryl & Carol Travel To Atlanta

Daryl and Carol Follow a Car

Daryl and Carol Seek Refuge

Walkers in the Streets

Daryl and Carol Run Along a Parking Garage

Daryl Crates a Distraction

Daryl and Carol Enter Parking Garage

Sky Bridge

Carol Takes in The View

Van on the Overpass

Daryl Tends to Carol

Daryl and Carol see Grady Memorial

Grady Memorial

The Struggle With Noah

Carol Gets Hit by Car and Taken

Daryl and Noah Take a Truck

Episode 7

Father Gabriel’s Church

Glenn, Rosita, & Tara Search For Water

Beth’s Hospital

Industrial Park

Episode 8

Father Gabriel’s Church

Beth’s Hospital

Daryl and Sasha’s Shooting Position

Rick Makes a Deal

R.I.P. Beth

Episode 9

The Gang Grabs A Truck

Passing The South Carolina Sign

Michonne Sees a House on the Way to Noah’s Neighborhood

Rick and co Emerge From The Woods

Shirewilt Estates

Michonne Talks with Rick and Glenn

Noah’s House

To Make This Our Home… Or Not

Wiltshire Estates Broken Fence

Noah Attacked By Walkers

Tyrese’s Last Ride

R.I.P. Tyrese

Episode 10

Daryl, Sasha, & Maggie Emerge From The Woods

Group Pit Stop Parking Spot

The Gang’s Car Runs Out Of Fuel

Carl Gives Maggie A Gift

Trail Of Walkers Follow Rick & Company

The Stand on The Bridge

Gagged Walker In The Trunk

Dog Food

Aaron’s Gift Of Water

Barn / Tornado Shelter

Episode 11

Group Travels To Aaron & Eric’s Cars

Aaron & Eric’s Cars

The Gang Runs Into Road Walkers

The Group Emerges From The Woods

Supply Room Shelter

Driving To Alexandria

The RV Breaks Down

Rick Stashes Gun in Blender

Alexandria Safe Zone

Episode 12

Alexandria Safe Zone

Carl Spying On Enid

Rick Encounters Barn Walkers

First Time Out With ASZ People

Chained Walker

Episode 13

Alexandria Safe Zone

Sasha Takes Practice Shots

Daryl & Aaron Spot Buttons

RIP Buttons

Episode 14

Alexandria Safe Zone

Warehouse Run for Micro-Inverter For Solar Power Grid

Eugene & Tara Take A Walk

Glenn & Noah Spot Horde Of Walkers Past The Fence Line

Wall Construction Site

Noah’s Death Location

Nicholas Tries To Leave Glenn

Episode 15

Alexandria Safe Zone

Episode 16

Daryl & Aaron Drive To Del Arno Foods

Alexandria Safe Zone

Del Arno Foods

Father Gabriel Kills A Walker