Recent Location

Season 7

Episode 1

Glenn & Abraham’s Death Scene

Go Get My Axe

Episode 2

Carol Morgan & Kingdom Riders Ambushed By Walkers

Carol’s Home Away From Home

The Kingdom

Main Kingdom Gate

The Kingdom: Morgan Trains Ben

The Kingdom: Where Carol Meets King Ezekiel

The Garden

Short Scene 1

Short Scene 2

Short Scene 3

Short Scene 4

Food For The Pigs

The Exchange

Episode 3

The Sanctuary (Savior Base)

The Fence

Dwight Drives After Gordon, Leaves Sanctuary

Dwight & The Falling Overpass Walker

Dwight Tackles Gordon / Dwight Kills Gordon

Episode 4

Michonne’s Sniper Practice

Collateral Damage

Retrieving Daryl’s Bike

Michonne Sees The Burnt Mattresses

Episode 5

Carl Saves Enid At The Gas Station

Carl & Enid Walk To Hilltop

Carl & Enid Find The Roller Skates

Episode 6

Tara Washed Up

Tara & Heath’s RV Parking Spot

Tara & Heath Encounter Sand Walkers

Tara Recovers

Oceanside Community

Tara Travels Through The Marsh

Tara Checks A Boat For Supplies

Tara Gets Denise A Gift

Episode 7

Michonne Passes Burnt Mattresses

Michonne Whistling / Walker Road Block

Savior’s Wait For Walker Herd To Die Down

Jesus Tuck-n-Roll

Carl’s Sneak Attack

Gate To The Houseboat

Father Gabriel Leaves Spencer’s Car

Eugene’s Bullet Shop – Round 2

Pond Houseboat

Episode 8

Michonne Drives Isabelle

Michonne Sees Savior Compound

Michonne Turns Around

Episode 9

Short Intro Scene #1 – Before Rick Meets Richard

Short Intro Scene #2 – Tongue’s Out Walker

Team Family Meets Team Kingdom

The Group Moves Savior’s Roadblcok

Dynamite Limbo

Rick & Co. Meet The Unknown Group

Episode 10

Scavengers Junkyard Set

Daryl & Richard Ambush Location

Episode 11

Dwight & Sherry’s House

Episode 12

Richonne Go On A Run (1)

Richonne Go On A Run (2)

Abandoned School & Carnival

Rosita Meets Giant Walker

Episode 13

Shopping Cart Road Block / Morgan Drags Richard / Morgan’s Rage

The Hidden Melon

Bury Me Here

Episode 14

Rosita Attempts To Hotwire A Car

Rosita’s Second Attempt At Hot-wiring A Car

Rosita & Sasha Kill Two Walkers

Rosita & Sasha Create A Distraction

Sniper Practice Searching For Negan

Episode 15


Gregory Wimps Out

Episode 16

Carol Finds Morgan

Dwight Creates A Roadblock

Sasha’s Walker Reveal

Father Gabriel Short Scene

Carl & Enid Short Scene