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Rick, Carl, & Michonne Running From Walkers

The Walking Dead Episode 416 – “A” Closest Address: 2 E Murphy St, Newnan, GA 30263 TWD S4E16 “A”: This is the location where Rick, Carl, & Michonne spot a group of walkers which start […]


Glenn Goes To Find Maggie (1)

The Walking Dead Episode 411 – “Claimed” Closest Address: 25 Raymond Carson St, Newnan, GA 30265 TWD S4E11 “Claimed”: Eugene inadvertently shoots the fuel tank of the truck they were all traveling in, rendering it […]


Daryl Finds Michonne

The Walking Dead Episode 315 – “This Sorrowful Life” 10 Pintail Dr, Newnan, GA 30263 TWD S3E15 “This Sorrowful Life”: After Merle drops off Michonne she tries to get back to the prison, we see […]

Episode 1

Walker Herd Quarry

The Walking Dead Episode 601 – “First Time Again” 256 Elzie Johnson Rd, Newnan, GA 30265 TWD S6E1 “First Time Again”: In the first episode of season 6 we see Rick, his group, and the […]


Supply Room Shelter

The Walking Dead Episode 511 “The Distance” 33 Thompson St Newnan, GA 30263 TWD S5E11 “The Distance”: This is the location where Rick, Glenn, Aaron, & Michonne meets back up with Daryl and the rest […]

Episode 4

Beth’s Hospital

The Walking Dead Episode 504-508 84 Hospital Rd Newnan, GA 30263 TWD S5E4-8: The fourth episode of season five shows us what has happened with Beth since her abduction from Daryl back in season four. […]


Abraham, Eugene, And Rosita Find A Minivan

The Walking Dead Episode 415 – Us 74 Raymond-Ray St Newnan, GA 30265 TWD S4E15 “Us”: After Glenn and Tara enter the RR tunnel in season four episode fifteen, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita find a […]


Coal Tower / Falling Walker

The Walking Dead Episode 415 – Us Bill Hart Rd and Goodwyn Rd Newnan, GA 30263 (Walk to the train tracks and turn left, walk about 1/10 of a mile and you’ll be able to […]


Sasha Splits From Bob, Finds Maggie

The Walking Dead Episode 413 – Alone 24 1st Ave Newnan, GA 30263 TWD S4E13 “Alone”: Coming into a town while following Maggie, who’s looking for Glenn, Bob and Sasha temporarily part ways and Sasha […]


Daryl Collapses And Runs Into Survivors

The Walking Dead Episode 413 – Alone 492 Joe Cox Rd Newnan, GA 30265 TWD S4E13 “Alone”: While searching for Beth Daryl finally collapses in the road near some RR tracks. While sitting here in […]

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